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FAQ about the Centennial Project  

  1. Why would I give more to our STRIVE program when I already give $25 a quarter/$100 a year?

    The goal of making a Centennial pledge is to make a broad, long term impact on our community with a scope far more reaching than the current STRIVE Program. The long range plan is to create a self-staining funding source and to embed the STRIVE Program in all five city high schools. This means higher program costs

  2. Who are the recipients?

    Ultimately, high school juniors and seniors from all five city high schools. The students primarily come from single parent households and would be often described as disadvantaged or borderline students that have the potential to succeed but need some help and guidance to meet their potential

  3. Is this a one-time contribution or ongoing?

    Yes, there are several options that are available to support the Centennial Fund raising project. You can make your contribution/pledge over a 5 year period, pay it in a lump sum or in a series of payments as long as it doesn’t exceed 5 years. The initial funding has already started with pledges from all past presidents, current board members and all associated committee members for a total of $125,000

  4. How will this program sustain itself?

    If we can get everyone (100% participation) to support the Centennial Project there will be plenty of money to run the program for the foreseeable future. All of the funds will be invested through our current Huntsville Rotary Foundation which is overseen by the Foundation board.

  5. What role and/or financial commitment will Huntsville City Schools have and are there other partners?  

    Their role will remain the same as it has over the past 10+ years. The schools select the students, provides support in facilitating the environment to make the STRIVE Program succeed, provides venues to host program activities and serves as gatekeepers to ensure the program is adding value to the educational process. We have the full support of each schools administration, counselors and teachers

  6. I get many requests for support for programs in our community, why should I contribute to this program as opposed to others?

    First, the STRIVE Program is our flagship program. It is a key component of what our club is all about. STRIVE is a part of the Huntsville Rotary Club of which you are apart. Second, we know it makes a difference in the lives the students and their families that we have mentored over the past decade. We know this by the statistics that we have shared and we know this from the school administrators and from the students themselves. Third, studies have shown that mentoring students has proven to be the one of the most effective ways to improve the lives of children in poverty. We, as Rotarians, have a moral obligation to help improve our community. As our motto says “Service Above Self”

  7. What is the impact of this program on our community?

    From a big picture perspective, the STRIVE Program helps to increase graduation rates and academic standing. This helps the students to be better prepared to attend either a 2 or 4 year college or trade school or to simply find a better job after graduation. From the perspective of the schools and since the inception of the STRIVE Program a decade ago, more than 76 students have received one or two year scholarships, over 63 students have received tuition for Summer school and 80 students have received Summer employment bonuses to help them pay for post high school educational expenses the scholarships do not fund.

  8. How are you going to get more mentors?

    This effort will need to be untaken on multiple fronts. We need to keep telling the STRIVE story by highlighting the successes that we have had over the past decade. We need to increase our clubs participation rate, increase our recruiting efforts to include spouses of our members and to potentially include our Rotaract partners into the process.

  9. Define success and how is it tracked?

    From a statistical stand point, improved graduation rates, less discipline problems and more engaged students are ways the STRIVE Program has been successful. However, from a socio-economic stand point, success is keeping borderline students from dropping out of school, giving them the guidance, help and resources to better their situation, improving their educational experience and providing many of the tools they will need to live productive lives

  10. How are the recipients selected?

    The Huntsville Rotary Club community committee directors, the STRIVE Liaison and Debbie work with the each high schools counselors and teachers to select students based on the need for a nurturing adult or parent surrogate in his/her life. Students selected must maintain a “C” average, have a good attendance record, maintain a positive attitude and have no discipline issues at school

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