Vocational Excellence Award

Rotary International has established the following criteria for local clubs who want to honor and affirm vocational excellence and service to mankind in and through one's vocation:

  • The practice of high ethical standards in the workplace
  • Contributions to the community - local, state, national, or global
  • Demonstrations of outstanding professional achievements


Huntsville Rotary will participate in this program by recognizing Rotarian(s) in our club who have accomplished outstanding vocational achievement.  The aims of the award are:

  • To recognize VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE of the highest order and to honor outstanding contributions by Rotarians for significant advancement in their vocational field.
  • To inspire further enthusiasm and to give added reward to the exceptional achievers.
  • To recognize outstanding achievement in VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE.


The nomination form is included with this email. Please give thought and take action to recognize a candidate that you consider worthy of this recognition.


Nomination Guidelines:



  • Nominations will be accepted only from Members of Huntsville Rotary Club.
  • Nominees must be Members of the Huntsville Rotary Club.
  • Nominees have a commitment to and record of high achievement their chosen vocations which have been used for the advancement of that vocation.
  • Excellence in community service does not apply under the conditions of this Award. The Award’s focus is solely on vocational/professional accomplishments.


Formal Nomination

  1. The nomination form included with this email must be completed and returned no later than 11 December 2020.
  2. Additional pages with supporting information are acceptable and encouraged. Please include as many details as possible in support of the nomination to enable the committee to fairly complete its deliberations.
  3. Please list the achievements of the nominee in chronological order or order of significance.



It is imperative that Rotarians nominated are NOT informed of their nomination until the Awards Committee has considered all nominations and has notified the nominator of their selection.


Previous Recipients

Barnes, George  

Barnhart, Deborah

Baron, Bob         

Batts, Hundley Sr.       

Beason, Tommy          

Best, Laurel                         

Billings, C. David         

Boles, Ronnie

Boston, Edward D.               

Burke, Waymon           

Coates, Clip                         

Dotts, Phil                   

Franz,         Dr. Frank            

Gates, T.P.                  

Graves, Dr. Benjamin B.       

Green, Jr., William C.   

Griggs, Thomas McKay        

Goodrum, Jr., John              

Halsey,       W.L.                   

Harris,        Dorcas S.           

Hudson, Jr., James R. 

Hughes, Cutter            

Jones, Raymond B.              

Kirkpatrick, Wally                 

Langley, Dr. Ralph                

Lewter, Donald            

Ledbetter, James        

Little, Buddy                        

Lucas, William                      

McMains, Harrison               

Moore, Dr. Ann Roy     

Nichols, Roy                        

O’Farrell, Dean            

Pippin, Bill                  

Rachmeler, Louis                 

Reaves, Benjamin F.   

Reeves, Richard E.               

Reynolds, Stan            

Richardson, Patrick     

Record, James

Rowe, S. Dagnal          

Russel, Mark                        

Sapp Jr., Eugene         

Savage-Jones, Sarah  

Schremser, Donna B.  

Scruggs, Julius           

Spencer, Mayor Loretta        

Stallworth, John          

Steigerwald, Paula

Stender, Bill                         

Tucker, Rick                         

Turnmeyer, George     

Ward, Robinson J. “Bob”

Wessel, Fred                        

Whatley, William Jr.    

Zierdt, John G. 

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