School Supply Project

There are approximately 180 teachers who need supplies to help their students and maintain their classroom environments.

At the beginning of this year, one of my goals was to emphasize the fact that our club is a service organization.  To further that goal, as we have previously, we will dedicate one of our meetings to our school supply service project in which all of our members could participate.  That meeting will occur Tuesday, February 26th.

During that meeting, we will not have a traditional weekly speaker.  Instead, we will dedicate our time to supporting teachers at Lee and Huntsville High Schools.  There are approximately 180 teachers who need supplies to help their students and maintain their classroom environments.  We are going to provide supply boxes for those teachers.  This project represents an effective way for the Huntsville Rotary Club to continue its support of public education in our city. Included with this email is a list of much needed supplies that the schools have provided.  If you plan to purchase some of these supplies, it is important to follow the amounts as indicated in the description column and please, please respond to this email so that we will have time to purchase additional supplies to meet the needs included on the attached list.

Special thanks to past President Robert Lockwood who implemented this project during his year as president and a special thank you as well to Rich Raleigh who serves as chairman of this project and has arranged packing boxes to be donated from SEA Wire.

VERY IMPORTANT:  As you purchase items please respond to this email with the item(s) along with amount purchased so we can track the supplies and develop a plan to collect items needed to complete our commitment to the schools.  A list and description is attached and will be updated as members respond with items purchased.  

If you don’t have the time or inclination to buy supplies, just email Debbie ( with the amount you wish to donate to this project and we will be happy to accept your donation or include the amount on your next quarterly statement and we will purchase supplies as needed to fulfill the amounts requested. 

 I look forward to serving with you,

George Smith

The Huntsville Rotary Club

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